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Keisten Jones Signs in Germany

Former Ballard and Bellarmine standout Keisten Jones has signed to play with BBG Herford in Germany. Jones attended the SBS Pro Invitational in April, and played very well. SBS Director Michael Stinnett then contacted some clubs who he thought may have interest in Jones, and Coach Stefan Schettke liked Jones a lot. He watched two full games from him playing at Bellarmine, and then two games from the SBS Pro Invitational. Jones was offered a contract immediately. In the process of this, Stinnett also recommended Jones to his partner FIBA Agent David Gonzalez (Free Agency Basketball) to represent him. "I am really happy for Keisten because he needed to get his resume back up to date after his injury. I think his potential at the pro level is off the charts, and this will be a stepping stone to something much bigger eventually. Also I am glad he is with David and has great representation going forward. He will also play in the Kentuckiana Pro Am Summer League this summer in June here in Louisville, Kentucky." Michael Stinnett

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