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Free Agency Client Trent Weaver Signs in Luxenbourg

Free Agency Basketball is happy to announce the second signing for the 2018-19 season (Jeril Taylor signed earlier with BBL Giessen). Trent Weaver (Ohio Dominican 2016) has signed with AB Contern in Luxenbourg. AB Contern put together a very nice package for Trent, and his career continues to improve each season. Trent last season averaged 35 points per game and 17.8 rebounds for Avanti Mondorf, and was MVP of Lux 2 league. He also shot 59% from the field and 79% from the FT Line. Trent started his career at FC Schalke in Germany Pro B out of college, and very solid year in that league and gained a lot of experience. "Trent Weaver is a true pro who gets the process of upgrading your career each season. AB Contern got a proven winner and warrior. He will have a great season, and I feel his future is very bright in Europe" said Michael Stinnett (Free Agency Director of Scouting). AB Contern announcement

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