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Keith Jordan Signs with Skallagrímur in Iceland

Free Agency client Keith Jordan (6-6 Small Forward) has signed with U.M.F. Skallagrímur Borganes in Iceland D1. Jordan is coming off of amazing seasons with Titanes in the Dominican Republic and the EJ Sligo All Stars in Ireland. Jordan was recently named MVP of the DR LNB All Star Game, and runner-up in the Slam Dunk contest. He averaged 15.2 points and 6 rebounds for Titanes. In Ireland he helped led his team to the Ireland Norther Division regular season championship, President Cup semifinals, and the Ireland Division 1 finals. Keith played college basketball at NAIA Siena Heights University and high school basketball at St. John's Jesuit .

"Keith Jordan is what trusting the process is all about. From the time we signed him he has remained humble and hungry. He played his first season in Ireland and got a masters degree, and last year was paid. The he gets the break in the DR and is named the MVP of the LNB All Star game. Keith Jordan is a PLAYER but more importantly is a great person. He has listened to David and I from day one and did all the things he needs to do in order to better his career. Coach Atli Adalsteinsson of Skallagrimur loved Keith from the first time he saw his video and feels he will be great in Iceland. David Gonzalez (Free Agency Basketball President/FIBA Agent) and I can not say enough about Keith Jordan as player and person" Michael Stinnett (Free Agency Basketball Director of Scouting).

Keys to playing overseas: Listen to people who know what they are talking about/understand that every job offer is HARD to come by/remain hungry, humble and driven.

Several announcements soon for Free Agency Basketball!


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