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Wizard Training Program

The goal of the cutting edge Wizard Training Program is to help solid high school players improve their skill level and make the transition to college basketball. The program will allow players to work with a high level training staff  that can provide the teaching of the game that will allow the players to reach a college skill level and at the the same time be able to workout with the Aspire National and Post-Grad players (Several players already have received NCAA Diviison 1 offers). This will give the players the best of both worlds as they can play with their normal high school team but at the same time get to workout with some of the best talent in the nation to use as a measuring stick for their individual improvement. All players who participate will have their information sent to college coaches all over the United States on a bi-weekly basis and college coaches will be invited to the workouts.
The entire Aspire Academy Staff will be involved in the training. Complete information on the staff is at this link .
- High level training with coaches who have experienced the game at all levels of the game.
- Drill work and specific position skill work with high level players (Aspire National and Post-Grad Team players).
- 1 on 1, 3 on 3, and 5 on 5 live game play matched up against Aspire players (video of this can be done in preparation for post season highlight for the high school players).
- Motivation from the staff in regards to what the player can be with hard work and not the typical negative approach we see often from coaches today (insight from all of the coaches will be shared with the players in the program).
-Professional workouts that are outlined to the second with no time wasted. All workouts will consist of  skill work, drill work and live play.
- All players will receive a reversible Wizard Training reversible jersey, practice shorts, and a pair of Nike shoes as part of the package. The jersey and shorts should be worn at every workout. 
- Players will have info sent to all college coaches immediately after they register for the program and coaches will be updated bi-weekly on their progress etc. Our goal is to get these kids on the radar of as many coaches as possible. 
-The opportunity to be apart of something cutting edge that other high level programs have put in place and not the normal Louisville training scene. This is the type of training that high level players are doing throughout the United States.
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