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SBS/Free Agency
Pro Exposure Workouts
Las Vegas
4 Workouts - July 9, July 10, July 12, July 13 
Register for July 9 and 10  or Register for July 12 and 13 for Total $120 for two workouts  Offer Expires June 5
Fill out Registration form below and pay here.                             2 Workouts $120
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Registration form below:
Register for Draft or Direct Entry to Workouts.
Call 1-800-522-7366 to secure $70 total rate by June 7 - Tell them you are with Pro Basketball Camp
44 workouts $240 Heading
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About: Last year the first ever Free Agency Pro Day was held in Las Vegas. Pro Coaches from Austria, Germany, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Mexico,and Canada were in attendance. Fourteen players attended the workout and four players were offered contracts during the two-hour workout. Several players who were in town for other camps said they there were more coaches in the gym during this workout than other events they paid a very high price to attend. This summer there will be four workouts in Las Vegas. You can apply to attend as many as you desire, to help you get noticed by a pro team. 
When: The workouts will take place during the NBA Summer League, as well as all of the other overseas exposure workouts in Las Vegas. Workout dates will be Sunday July 9, Monday July 10, Wednesday July 12, and Thursday July 13. All workouts will from 5pm to 7:30pm. 
Where: Valley High School (839 Burnham Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169)
Workout Staff:
Coach Michael Stinnett will conduct all workouts. Coach Stinnett has been placing players overseas for 25 years and also is the scouting director for Free Agency Basketball based out of Spain. He has coached at all levels of the game. He has a great passion for helping players reach their dreams in the game of basketball. Complete information on Coach Stinnett can be found at                                               . Complete information on Free Agency Basketball can be found at                                                  . Information on recent signings by SBS and Free Agency Basketball can be found at 
Free Agency President/CEO David Gonzalez (Certified FIBA Agent based out of Spain) will be in attendance for all workouts. David is one of the top up and coming agents in overseas basketball. 
Coach John Tinsley will be a big part of this year's camp. Coach Tinsley is a regular of the Vegas circuit and has a great eye for finding pro talent. He has been a long time  successful coach in the state of Kentucky, as well as currently a regional scout for Free Agency Basketball. Coach Tinsley has a great passion for developing players and helping them get to the pro level. He has also been a big part of the SBS Pro Workout that is held each year in Kentucky in April.
Workout Features:
*Pro Coaches from all over the world will be in attendance. 
*Pro Practice and Summer League Games with no down time.
*Reasonable price based on other camps/workouts in Las Vegas.
*Information from each workout will be sent to all pro teams and pro basketball websites.
*Each workout will have  a limited number of players to ensure drill organization and plenty of game action for each player.
Vegas Workout Cost:
1 Workout - $85
2 Workouts - $160
3 Workouts - $225
4 Workouts - $280
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Small HeaDrading
Draft Entry - The top 12 players who are selected may attend any workout or all of the workouts if selected by the Free Agency/SBS Staff. Players will  pay $52 to go into the draft and will submit their profile/video. The draft will take place June 20th. Players will be notified June 20th if selected to give them time to secure plane ticket and make reservations at hotel. If drafted  you owe nothing more except paying for your travel and hotel room.
Draft Entry: $52
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Free Agency/SBS provide the best price value of all workouts in Las Vegas. We are about helping players find a job and developing relationships. Each workout limited to 24 players for maximum exposure. Register now to secure your spot.
REGISTER BELOW - Please complete payment and also fill out registration form, as well as email Michael Stinnett and John Tinsley.
Hooters Casino Hotel is official Hotel of SBS/Free Agency Pro Workouts, click on logo for complete information. 1.5 miles from NBA Summer League. Call 1-800-522-7366 by June 7 to secure $70 total rate

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