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Player Testimonials (Players  that have attended our Pro Events)

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Jared Swopshire 6-7 Louisville/Northwestern    *Signed Czech Republic

"I haven't met many coaches with the knowledge and humility that Coach Stinnett has. He was honest, professional and willingly shared a wealth of knowledge with me that you won't get at any other camp in the country. He worked very hard to help me get a job overseas. I strongly recommend Coach Stinnett's Pro Invite camp to anyone serious about pursuing a career in professional basketball." Jared Swopshire

Jake Kitchell Indiana State 6-10  *signed in Slovakia

"I would highly recommend any player aspiring to play pro ball overseas to attend the SBS Pro Invitiational . It is a great opportunity to get some exposure for agents and teams to see your skills. I was in contact with several agents after the event that I never would have been in contact with if it were not for SBS. But the biggest to me came during the information session (workshop). Coach Stinnett does an excellent job of explaining the entire process of what it takes to become an overseas pro. It was tremendously helpful for a guy like me who had no idea where to begin. The SBS Pro Invitational was a huge help in getting me informed about the process and providing me with great exposure to agents and teams around the world." Jake Kitchell  *Jake signed with Slavia Kosice in Slovakia

Caleb Hardy  Bethel University  6-5  *signed in Spain

"Going to the SBS Pro Invite was the single most important decision I could have made for me to continue my basketball career. Without this invite I may not be where I am today playing the game I love as a professional in Spain. The SBS Pro Invite gave me a foundation to understand pro basketball. Not only did it give me an opportunity for expsoure, but I also gained incredible insight into the overseas basketball world through Coach Stinnett's workshop. I highly recommend the SBS Pro Invite. Thanks Coach Stinnett" Caleb Hardy  *Caleb signed in July with Plasencia in Spain

Tenale Roland Southern Indiana  6-0 *signed in Cyprus

"After attending the SBS Pro Invitational , it put me in contact with the right people and helped me sign my first pro contract. It helped me understand the overseas process much better. A big thanks to Coach Stinnett for me inviting me and helping me get my first pro job and continue my basketball career." Tenale Roland *signed with MapFree in Cyprus in August

Fitzgerald White Union College 6-7 *signed in Spain

"I attended the SBS Pro Invitational last year and didn't know my chances, if any, of playing pro. Afterwards I talked to Coach Stinnett and he assured me that I had a chance and he linked me to FIBA agent David Gonzalez (Free Agency Basketball/Spain). Coach Stinnett and David worked together and found me my first pro job in Spain not long after that. Coach Stinnett continues to keep up with me."  Fitzgerald White *signed with Gandia Basquet in Spain

Aaron Nance  University of Louisville Football 6-4 *offered pro basketball contract in Germany  "I never thought I would have the opportunity to play basketball on a competitive level after I decided to play football at the University of Louisville. I am grateful that through networking and connections that I was accepted to go to the SBS pro invitational last April (2014). Thanks to Coach Stinnett and Stinnett Basketball Services I received a contract offer to play basketball in Germany after participating in the KPA. If you have talent, I am a prime example that Coach Stinnett and his services will help you get a job. But it all started with the SBS pro invite!" Aaron Nance  Aaron turned down his contract and got his Masters Degree and is teaching at Butler HS

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