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Pro Job Openings:


The following are professional jobs that are currently open for the 2020-21 season. Coach Stinnett has been contacted and is working directly with the club. Any player or agent who is interested should send full profile, highlight video, and two full game videos to Coach Stinnett at SBS and Free Agency will then work together to help you.

Follow on Twitter @CoachStinnett for job postings, and on

Instagram @CoachStinnett @sbsproworkouts @kyproam_4 


New Facebook Page for Pro Job Openings - send email and then friend request to see openings!





*players with no agents please send profile, highlight video, and full game to apply to  *if you have agent please have them contact me and apply you (if you are signed with agent we only deal with your agent).

*Pro Jobs Membership- Anyone interested in joining for more detailed information on each job can do so. Direct contact information will be given to you. Contact Coach Stinnett for details.




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