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Darryl Palmer Selected in IBL Draft.


Pablo Murcia/Spain, Edu Ramos/Spain,Desean Hampton IU-Kokomo/Ireland, Keith Jordan Siena Heights/Dominican Republic, Darryl Palmer South Carolina State/El Salvador, RJ Price Radford/Mexico, David Guardia/Iceland, Juanlu Navarro/Iceland, Jaime Fernandez/Italy, Jordan Jacks Kentucky Wesleyan/Indonesia, Troy Steward Georgetown College/Indonesia, Darryl Palmer South Carolina State/Indonesia, Andre Jackson Bowie State/France, Aleix Pujadas/Ireland, Fred Moore Shawnee State/Panama, RJ Price Radford/Georgia,  Roger Sanahuja/Ireland, Gilbert Thomas LSUShreveport/Spain, Darryl Palmer South Carolina State/Nicaragua, Rafa Llopis/Ireland, Brandon Neel Midwestern State/Mexico, Justin Miller Detroit/Nicaragua, Jeremy Joyner Life University/Malta, Guillem Sabates/Spain, Malik Colvin-Seldon Cumberlands/Mexico,Desmond Ringer Merecer/Germany, Karl Gamble Middle Tennessee State/Austria, Ken-Jah Bosley Kentucky Wesleyan/Iceland, Jordan Jacks Kentucky Wesleyan/Mexico, David Orrit/Spain, Quinton Goodin Xavier/Germany, Cayden Edmonson Bethel University/France, Juanlu Navarro/Iceland, David Guardia/Iceland, Lavone Holland Northern Kentucky/Luxembourg, Jordan Jacks Kentucky Wesleyan/Cyprus, Franco Villalba/Spain, Destiny-Osas Gascon/Spain, Christian Cunningham Jacksonville State/Israel, Rafa Llopis/Spain, Jeril Taylor Southern Indiana/Germany, Desmond Ringer Mercer/Portugal, Jordan Jackson McMurry/Ireland, Keith Jordan Siena Heights/Ireland, Rafa Llopis/Ireland, Joan Franco/France, RJ Price Radford/Germany, Tom Vodanovich James Madison/Luxembourg, Jacara Cross Jacksonville State/Finland, Cayden Edmonson Bethel Univ./Germany, Karl Gamble Middle Tennessee State/Cyprus, Troy Steward Georgetown College/Georgia, Blake Smith Alice Lloyd/Ireland, David Orrit /Spain, Ken-Jah Bosley Kentucky Wesleyan/Iceland, Darryl Palmer South Carolina State/Iceland, Antonio Boyero /Spain, Guillem Sabates /Spain, Aleix Pujadas/Iceland, Juanlu Navarro/Iceland, Sergio Padilla/Spain, Terry Hopewell Concord/France, Gabe King Northern State/Lithuania, Trenton Thompson Asbury/Luxembourg, Christian Cunningham Jacksonville State/Luxembourg, Loving Olanrewaju Bosman A/France, Desean Murray Auburn/Luxembourg, Rhondi Hackett Lincoln Memorial/Spain, Jordan Jacks Kentucky Wesleyan/Finland, David Guardia *Spanish Forward/Iceland, Zac Overwater Lethbridge/Canada, Malik Colvin-Seldon Cumberlands/Australia, Christian Cunningham Jacksonville State/Iceland, Trent Weaver Ohio Dominican/Luxembourg, Troy Steward Georgetown College/Australia, Marcale Lotts Canisius/Portugal, Ajay Sanders Coastal Carolina/Kosovo, Darryl Palmer South Carolina State/Cyprus, Guillem Sabates/Spain, Jahlin Smith Savannah State/Armenia, Gilwan Nelson Illinois at Springfield/Armenia, BJ Gladden Georgia Southern/Luxembourg, RJ Freeman Pikeville/Argentina,Trent Weaver Ohio Dominican/England, Brandon Neel Midwestern State/Canada, Jordan Jackson McMurry University/England,Zac Overwater Lethbridge (Canada)/Spain, Demondre Harvey Louisiana-Monroe/Dominican Republic, Fitzgerald White Union College/Spain, Jordan Jackson McMurry/England, Julius Jackson Emporia State/Finland, Aleix Pujadas Bosman A (Spanish)/Spain, Terry Hopewell Concord University/France, BJ Gladden Georgia Southern/Luxembourg, Jarred Jones Loyola Maryland/Finland, Trenton Thompson Asbury/Finland, Colton Lewis Penn State Wilkes-Barre/Germany, Karl Gamble Middle Tennessee State/Luxembourg, Jahlin Smith Savannah State/Germany, David Guardia *Spanish Forward (Bosman A)/Iceland, Faronte Drakeford Central Connecticut State/Luxembourg, Ken-Jah Bosley Kentucky Wesleyan/Luxembourg, Jordan Jacks Kentucky Wesleyan/Luxembourg,Desmond Ringer Mercer/France, Jett Speelman Denison/Luxembourg, Cameron Coleman York College/Argentina,D'von Campbell Campbellsville/Spain, Brent Bach Bellarmine/Portugal, Jeril Taylor Southern Indiana/Luxembourg, Jimmy Kodet Valdosta State/Germany, Austin Dasent Savannah State/Albania, Michael Hundley Ashland/Albania, Faronte Drakeford Central Connecticut State/Luxembourg, Ken-Jah Bosley Kentucky Wesleyan/Australia, Darryl Palmer South Carolina State/Cyprus, Richard Freeman Pikeville/Spain, Jordan Garnett Northern Kentucky/Cyprus, Jaleel Hogan Detroit/Uruguay (in collaboration with ABE Sports), Austin Thornton Michigan State/Hungary (in collaboration with Closer Sport), Jordan Jacks Kentucky Wesleyan/Finland,Fred Moore Shawnee State University/Portugal, BJ Gladden Georgia Southern/Spain, Jameson Tipping Brock University/Argentina, Ge-Lawn Guyn East Tennessee State/Germany, Tylor Wimbish Missouri St-Louis/Norway, Fitzgerald White Union College/Spain,Deomondre Harvey Louisiana Monroe/Argentina, Faith Pope UT-Arlington/Luxembourg, Hikeem Champaigne Savannah State/Peru, Jarred Jones Loyola Maryland/Finland,Desmond Ringer Mercer/Latvia, Colton Lewis Penn State Wilkes-Barre/Spain, Devin Carter Arkansas State/Luxembourg,Leon Sutton Great Falls/Luxembourg,Jeremiah Davis Florida Southern/Spain,Gavin Schumann Southern 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Weaver Ohio Dominican/Luxenbourg, Hikeem Champaigne Savannah State/Cyprus,Malcolm Tatum Alderson-Broaddus/El Salvador,Isaiah Cotton Missouri Baptist/Bolivia,Xavier Owens Cumberlands/Hungary,Fitzgerald White Union/Spain,Deondre McWhorter Georgetown/Australia,Gavin Schumann Southern Indiana/Spain,Rashaun Stimage Depaul/Cape Breton NBL Canada,DeMondre Harvey Louisiana Monroe/Finland, Myles Taylor UT Martin/Canada,Terrick Phillips Vorhees College/Spain,Juwan Newmen SW Oklahoma St/Cyprus,Bryan Scott Winston Salem/Spain,Mike Wright NW Nazarene/Canada,Darius Gibson Samford/Canada,Kion Brown Radford/Spain,Evan Roquemore Santa Clara/Norway, Hikeem Champaigne Savannah State/Nicaragua,Emory Bennett St. Catherine/Spain,Keisten Jones Bellarmine/Saudi Arabi, Jomari Bradshaw Florida A&M/Spain, Jermain Langley Brescia/Germany,Angelo Warner Morehead State/Cyprus, Hikeem Champaigne Savannah State/Cyprus,Kion Brown Radford/Chile,D'Von Campbell Campbellsville &Rutgers/Spain,Angelo Warner Morehead State/Cyprus,Tyrell Corbin CSU Bakersfield/Mongolia,Kenny Manigault Pikeville/Australia, *Agent Zach Charles,Jalen Ragland UTEP/ABA,Deante Johnson Union College Ky/Cyprus,Tenale Roland Southern Indiana/Cyprus, Donovan Kates Manhattan/ABA,Chris Whitehead Bellarmine/Cyprus,Gavin Schumann Southern Indiana/Senegal,Logan Carson McKendree/Spain,Fitzgerald White Union College Ky/Spain,Evan Roquemore Santa Clara/Romania,Tim Thomas Pacific/Portugal,Markus Montague Kentucky State/Senegal/Malta,Caleb Hardy Bethel Universtiy/Spain,Chris Matagrano New Hampshire/Columbia *agent Michael Chamblain, Tim McGinty Bendictine/Ireland,Vance Hall Bellarmine/Iceland, Keisten Jones Bellarmine/Germany,Jordon Crawford Bowling Green State/Cyprus, Jonathon Huffman Iona/Mexico (LNBP),Matt Greenfield Central College NCAA Div. 3/Spain, Tim Thomas Pacific/Spain, Chad Rasmussen Seattle/Spain, Trevin Parks (Boulger Agency) Johnson C. Smith/Germany, Jamal Crook Western Kentucky/NBL Ottawa Canada,Thomas Fairley Lamar/Switzerland, Frank Russell Rutgers/Spain, Mike Zuiderveen Saginaw Valley St. (NCAADiv.2)/Germany, Terry Flanagan Bellevue (NAIA Div. 2)/Ireland, Cal Wooten Oakland/Germany, Craig Schoen - Georgetown University NAIA/Iceland, Terrance Farley Louisville/Spain, Victor Morris Cleveland State/Germany, Chris Dowe Bellarmine (Div. 2)/Germany, Lamar Owen Southern Illinois/Iceland, Pierre Howard Gannon (Div. 2)/Germany, Josh Grant Georgetown (NAIA)/Germany, Donnovan Brown Georgetown (NAIA)/ Uruguay,Kevin Francis Cleveland State/Finland, Kevin Francis Cleveland State/Saudi Arabi, Jeremy Bettis Depauw (Div. 3)/Germany, Kevin Sowell Temple Baptist College/Iceland, Cedric Isom East Texas Baptist NCAA Div. 3/Iceland, Jeff Wiersma Erskine (NCAA Div. 2)/Ireland, Brandon Woudstra Northwestern Iowa (NAIA Div. 2)/Iceland, Marcus Watts UT-Chattanooga/Finland, Jackson Bain Univ. of Colorado Colorado Springs (NCAA Div. 2)/Germany, Harold Joiner Kentucky Wesleyan (NCAA Div. 2)/Ireland, Ryan Edwards Missouri Baptist/Dominican Republic, Sean Hampton Alderson Broaddus/Germany, Cedric Isom East Texas Baptist/Iceland, Gabriel Hughes California/Spain



In 1994 Coach Stinnett started scouting and helping place players into the pro ranks. A lot of this came about because he founded the Kentuckiana Pro Am Basketball Tournament, and the event attracted several aspiring pros, as well as current NBA and overseas pros. Several pro clubs and agents began to work with Coach Stinnett, and this relationship has continued ever since.

Coach Stinnett is not an agent, but a coach and currently the director of scouting for Free Agency Basketball based out of Spain. He will work with players in finding employment through his contacts. Certain players will get offered an agency contract with FIBA Agent David Gonzalez and others will be marketed thru SBS Services. 

Players who want Coach Stinnett to market them should send a good profile (height, weight,all years experience, stats each year, references) and highlight video and a full game to him at coachstinnett1@gmail.com. Coach Stinnett has placed players  in Portugal, Lithuania, Georgia, France, Argentina, Latvia, Kosovo, Brazil, Armenia, Kosovo, Spain, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Saudi Arabi, Lebanon, Uruguay, Mexico, Dominican Republic, as well as several of the pro leagues in the United States. He has helped hundreds of players get to the next level. 


Contact Coach Stinnett if you have interest in him helping you with finding a job, or would be interested in placing your profile on this site. Coach Stinnett will then get back with you.







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