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365 Training, SBS Services, and Ryan Williams unite to bring the Valley Station Area developmental and advanced basketball training. The training is open to boys and girls. The directors of the workouts have all played and coached at all levels of the game of basketball. Complete information on each person is below. The workout is Jr NBA endorsed.

Coach Michael Stinnett (Director of Stinnett Basketball Services

Coach Tim Barnett (Director of 365 Training)

Ryan Williams (Pro, College, and Youth Trainer based here in Louisville, Kentucky) scroll to bottom of this link

OPEN TO BOYS AND GIRLS       GRADES K-8       *IF ENOUGH INTEREST WE WILL BEGIN A YOUTH LEAGUE after Thanksgiving!!!!!The league will be JR NBA endorsed.

FILL OUT INFORMATION FORM BELOW and PAY FEE and we will send complete information to you regarding the workouts on Thursday Sept. 27, Thursday Oct. 4, and Thursday Oct. 11. Details will be sent out three days before scheduled workout.  

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