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2017 FA/SBS Pro Workouts/KPA Vegas Schedule

*Players should report to the Valley High School cafeteria 50 minutes before the workout begins each night. Sunday July 9 (report time 5:10), Monday July 10 (Report time 4:10), Wednesday July 12 (5:10), Thursday July 13 (5:10).

Valley High School (2839 Burnham Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89169)

5:10 (4:10 July 10) – players will get workout jersey, meet teammates, team picture

5:25 (4:25 July 10) – Introductions/Overview

5:50 (4:50 July 10) – First two teams get loose

6:00 (5:00 July 10) Workout Begins           


This is a Pro Exposure Workout but also these 4 days will go down in the history books for one of the best summer basketball events in the country, the Kentuckiana Pro Am ( ). Last year D'Angelo Russell was named MVP of the KPA. Eleven of the twelve all league players played professional basketball last season. 

A team champion will be named each night (teams get 4 points for a win, and 1 pt for winning the last 5 minutes of a game). The two teams receiving the most points after three games will play in the finals for that night. An overall champion from the 4 days will be named by overall point total and total points scored. 

The 12 man All KPA Vegas team will be made up of three players from each night of the workouts. Each player will be awarded with a plaque and will go down in the history books for the league. An overall MVP will also be named at the conclusion of the workouts, and will be awarded to a player that was at all 4 workouts.

2016 KPA MVP D'Angelo Russell (Brooklyn Nets) - 
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