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Below are players confirmed to attend the Free Agency/SBS Pro Workouts at Valley High School  (2839 Burnham Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89169) . Click here for schedule/roster information 
All team reps, scouts, and agents will be given a program with workout numbers and player information upon entering the workouts. 
Discount Hotel Rates are offered at Hooters Hotel and Casino $70 Total Rate 
Complete info on the workout 
For more information Contact Michael Stinnett or David Gonzalez
Registerd Players and Highlight Information
Ken-Jah Bosley (will attend all workouts) 6-1 PG/Combo  Kentucky Wesleyan College (2017)  3rd All Time Leading Scorer in School History.
Paul Stone 6-6 3 man Union College (2017) (All Workouts) MVP of NAIA Div. 2 National Tournament *National Champion
Demetrius McReynolds 6-2 210 Combo Eastern Illinois (NCAA Division 1 2017) (All Workouts) - MVP of SBS Pro Workouts in the Fall   
Colton Lews 6-9 Skilled 4 Man Penn State Wilkes Barre (Rookie 2017) (All Workouts)
Jordan Jacks 6-5 Versatile Wing from Kentucky Wesleyan College (Rookie 2017) (All Workouts)
Faith Pope 6-8 3/4 position from UT Arlington (NCAA Div. 1 Rookie 2017)  (July 10 and 12)
Jo Jo Ballestero 6-0 PG/Combo  (Agent Michael Hicks)  St. Francis (Illinois)  (July 9 and 10)
Caleb Oetjen 6-0 PG Bethel College (Indiana) 1st Team All American NAIA (July 9 and 10)
Dionte Forney 6-7 245 Power Forward Huston Tillotson (2017)  (All Workouts)
Anthony Johnson 6-4 Combo Maryville (NCAA Div. 2 2017)  (All Workouts)
Nil Bria   6-5 Small Forward (Pro in Spain Last year) Born in 1997 in Spain (All Workouts)
Anze Kos 6-2 Shooting Guard *Born in Slovenia  Our Lady Lake (NAIA)  (July 9 and 10)
Branden Padgett  5-11 PG  Lambton College (Canada 17) (All Workouts) Top 5 scorer in Canada College Basketball last season
Colton Lewis 6-9 4/3 Stretch 4  Penn State Wilkes- Barre (2017) (All Workouts)
Antwan Pittman 6-5 Combo Guard Shenandoah Univ. (2016)  (July 9,10,11)
Trent Weaver 6-8 4/3 Position  Germany Pro B Last Year (Ohio Dominican) *Signed in Luxenbourg for 2017-18 season (July 9 and 10)
Evan Roquemore 6-3 PG  Norway last season/Leading Scorer Norway (All time assist and steals leader at Santa Clara University NCAA Div 1 and former MVP in Cyprus) (All Workouts)
Jeremiah Davis 6-3  2/3/1 Florida Southern University (2017) *Former D1 player at Cincinnatti and Ball State (All Workouts)
Jermain Langley 6-3 Combo Germany Last Season Brescia Univ. (2016) (All Workouts)
Faronte Drakeford 6-7  4/3  Pro in Spain  Central Connecticut State (NCAA Div. 1  2015) *DRAFT SELECTION  (July 9 and 10)
Aaron Abram 6-5  3 position  Saudi Arabi last season (Former Pro in France and Mexico) Oklahoma Baptist (2015)  (July 9,10,12)
Tyler Wimbish 6-7  4/3  Pro in Spain last season  (University of Missouri St-Louis 2015) (July 9 and 10)
Jacob Gomez  6-0 Combo  *no highlight video at this time (July 9 and 10)
Charles Baskin 5-10 PG  St. Clair College (Canada)  Team MVP  Top 25 in Canada Scoring (All Workouts)
Gavin Schumann 6-2 Combo  Spain last season (former pro in Senegal/Southern Indiana (2015) (All Workouts)
Chris Alonso 6-0 Combo (July 10 and 12)   *no highlight
James Lodman 6-1  Combo   Albany State (All Workouts)  *no highlight
Rashaan Surles 6-5 Combo  Mississippi Valley State (NCAA Div 1 2017)  *DRAFT SELECTION (July 10 Workout)   Agent: Michael Hicks
Shawn Dyer 6-0  PG  PBL Ohio in 2016-17     D2 at Indiana Pa. and West Liberty  D2 All American  (July 10 and 12)   
Devan Bailey 6-2 Combo  *British Passport  Pro in BBL England (July 12 and 13)
Devonte Harris  5-10 Black Hawk College Team MVP  *no highlight  (July 12)
Darrian Dempsey 6-0 Combo Northwestern Okla. State Unviersity   (July 12 and 13)  Link to highlight:
Jermohn Queen   5-9  PG  Florida National (2017)   (All Workouts)
AJ Riley 6-4 Guard Eastern Illinois (2017)   (July 12 and 13)
Kris Clark 6-3  Combo  Bolivia Last   (Former Pro DLeague, England, Australia)  (July 12 and 13)
Erik Kinney 6-5 3/4  Campbellsville (2017)  NAIA All American  (All Workouts)
Julian Adams 6-7 Small Forward   Ave Maria (Florida)  (July 13)
Ed Caldwell 6-5 Guard  Bacone College (2017)  (July 10 and 12)
Sekou Harris 6-0 PG/Combo  Campbellsville (2016) *Former NAIA All American (All Workouts)
Gary Jermain Smith 6-3 Combo Silver Lake College (July 12)
Trevor Roberts 6-3 Guard (Harris Stowe State 2017)  (July 10)
Angelo Warner 6-2 Combo (North Cyprus/Morehead State) (All Workouts)
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