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2015 Vegas Scouting Completed

Coach Stinnett went to Vegas to scout for players to fill open jobs from July 8-17. He was accompanied by SBS scout and good friend Coach John Tinsley. The two attended the following camps: Hart Sports Exposure Camps, Bridge Point Pro Showcase, World Wide Invitational, Scorers 1st Pro Exposure Camp, and the Eurobasket Summer League camp. The two also attended the NBA Summer League daily. This year they also went and watched some invidual workouts at Impact Sports in Las Vegas. The trip was very successful, and also the two landed a very good player in Evan Roquemore (Santa Clara 14) for their partner FIBA Agent David Gonzalez (Free Agency Sports in Spain). Roqemore is a 6-3 Point Guard who scored over 1600 points at Santa Clara, and is the all time assist leader. Other players from the trip were solid as well, and hopefully they can get jobs from being seen by SBS.

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