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Tom Vodanovich (Closer Sports) Signs with BBC Telestar Hesperange in Luxembourg

Free Agency Basketball is proud to announce that Tom Vodanovich has signed in top league Luxembourg with Telestar Hesperange. Vodanovich is represented by Closer Sports (Agent David Wolf) and the agency is the Australian partner of Free Agency Basketball. The job was open and the two agencies worked together to secure the deal.

Tom Vodanovich played college basketball at NCAA Division 1 James Madison and was recently named MVP in the New Zealand NBL league while playing with the Manawatu Jets. He averaged 22.4 points per game and 10 rebounds a game. He also shot 45% from behind the 3pt. line and shot 63.7% from the field. He had high scoring games of 43 and 38 and had 10 3pt. goals in each game.

He has also played in top league Australia (NBL) for 4 years. He played 4 years at NCAA Division 1 James Madison and had a very consistent career.

"We (Free Agency President/FIBA Agent David Gonzalez and myself) are really excited to work again with Closer Sports (Agent David Wolf). He helps us in Australia and we help him in Europe. We have a great trust for one another and respect each others work in the business. Coach Gabor Boros of Telestar Hesperange really liked everything he saw of Tom in his videos. He was looking for a scoring forward who was very versatile. Tom really fit the bill for exactly what he was looking for. Plus coming off of an MVP season in NBL New Zealand was very strong on his resume. He will do a great job in Luxembourg. He is a big time scorer who can shoot the ball with unlimited range. We look forward to following him this season and working with Closer Sports in the future" said Michael Stinnett (Free Agency Basketball Director of Scouting). Vodanovich highlight below!

Free Agency will have more signing announcements soon!

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