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6-8 Trent Weaver Signs in Germany

Free Agency Basketball ( client Trent Weaver has signed to play with Schalke 04 Basketball in Germany (Pro B). Trent came out of Ohio Dominican this season with impressive stats (15.6 ppg. and 9.6 rpg). Trent also was a standout in the CBA (spring pro league), where he was named a 1st Team All Star. He averaged 19.1 ppg and a league leading 13.2 rebounds per game. Weaver also attended the SBS Pro Invitational in Louisville in April, and was a standout performer while playing on the team champion in the event. Weaver will play for a excellent coach in Raphael Wilder (Regional Coach of the Year). Coach Stinnett has sent Coach Raphael Wilder a few players over the years, and Wilder had great interest in Weaver from the start.

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