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Two Free Agency/SBS Clients Sign Pro Contracts

The signing season is here, and Free Agency Basketball is off to a great start. Forward Hikeem Champaigne has signed in Cyprus, and combo guard Malcolm Tatum has signed in Spain. Champaigne played last year in Cyprus and is looking to have another dominate year. Tatum played recently in El Salvador, and this will be his first year in Europe. Several more players will be signing in the next few weeks. Free Agency will also hold Pro Workouts in July in Las Vegas during the NBA Summer League July 9,10,12,13. President/FIBA Agent David Gonzalez from Spain will be in Vegas for all workouts as well as the scouting staff for Free Agency. Also several team reps from several different pro leagues will be at the workouts. You can register at click on Las Vegas Pro Workouts.

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