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Free Agency Client Trent Weaver Signs in Luxenbourg

6-8 Free Agency Client Trent Weaver Trent Weaver signs in Luxenbourg. Weaver played in Germany last season, and is looking to have a break out year next season. The big man played at D2 Ohio Dominican in college and had a nice year in Pro B Germany last season. "Trent Weaver has all kinds of ability and he will get to show it this year in Luxenbourg. This played a key part in his decision. He wants to play basketball, and show what he can do." Weaver is the 3rd signing for next season for Free Agency Basketball. Malcolm Tatum signed in Spain, and Hikeem Champaigne signed in Cyprus. We are just getting started!!!!! @freeagencybasketball @iamdkhammonds #probasketball #basketballoverseas #trusttheprocess Carl Weaver Free Agency Basketball Stinnett Basketball Services - SBS #trusttheprocess

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