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Free Agency Client Jeremiah Davis Signs in Spain with Huelva

Jeremiah Davis has signed with Huelva in Spain. Davis had an excellent year at Florida Southern this season (Newcomer of the Year in the Conference). He attended the SBS Pro Invitational in Louisville, and also attended the Free Agency/SBS Las Vegas Pro Workouts. Free Agency Regional Scout Brandon Lampley first told Michael Stinnett about Davis in March. After reviewing his film, David Gonzalez offered Jeremiah a contract with Free Agency. He accepted and is now playing pro basketball in Spain. He has been training with former Ball State and overseas star Chandler Thompson this summer in Muncie. "I think this is just the start to a great career overseas for Davis. He has a pro body and a tremendous work ethic. I think sky is the limit." Michael Stinnett. Davis was named to the All League team in Vegas in July. He is the 9th Free Agency player to sign for the 2017-18 season.

Link to Article on Davis

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