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Free Agency Client Adam Wing Signs for 2nd Pro Season in NBL Canada

Free Agency client Adam Wing has signed for his 2nd pro season with the Niagara River Lions in Canada. Wing played high school basketball in Kentucky and had an excellent run with Rowan in the state tournament. He then played at the University of Evansville (NCAA Divison 1) and had an excellent career for Coach Marty Simmons. Wing then came to the Free Agency/SBS Pro Workout in Louisville in April of 2016, and was offered an agents contract by Free Agency Basketball. He signed with Free Agency and then later signed with Kitchener-Waterloo in NBL Canada for his first pro season. He had an excellent year for Kitchener-Waterloo and caught the eye of several other teams. "Wing is a big time 3 point shooter, who knows how to play the game offensively. Then on the defensive end, he is a warrior who gives 100% every night. Last year he caught the eye of Kitchener-Waterloo by taking charges in Las Vegas, and this is why teams love him. He is a high character guy who will have a great pro career" said Free Agency Director of Scouting Michael Stinnett. He is the 25th Free Agency player to sign a Pro Contract this season, and another Kentucky born player. Other announcements from Free Agency are coming soon. Also the Free Agency/SBS Fall Pro Exposure Workout will be held in Cincinnati on Saturday October 28th (Register at ). @freeagencybasketball @focusbball @sbsproworkouts @kyproam_4 #probasketball #basketball #canada #nbl #UEACES #Evansville @ueathletics @uevansville @adamwing12 #professionalbasketball

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