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Gibson Signs in LPB (Top League) Portugal

Point Guard Darius Gibson is a perfect example of taking advantage of a situation. Gibson played high school basketball at Tates Creek (Lexington, Kentucky) and college basketball at Samford University for former Kentucky and NBA player Scott Padgett. Gibson signed at Angrabasket this summer in the Proliga in Portgual, and was a standout in the first half of the season. He was one of the top players in several categories. Recently, he was offered a contract in Portugal's top league with Electrico FC. "Darius is a perfect example of a player who was humble, and took advantage of an offer and built upon it. He is a quality person and a very good player. He will do well in the LPB." said Michael Stinnett. Gibson will report to the team after Christmas according to Free Agency President David Gonzalez.

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