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SBS/Free Agency Collaborate with Closer Sport to Place Austin Thornton (Michigan State)

SBS/Free Agency is happy to announce the signing of former Michigan State player Austin Thornton with BKG-PRIMA SE in Hungary. SBS/Free Agency collaborated with their exclusive Australian Partner David Wolf and Closer Sport Agency to place Thornton. Thornton was a team captain and starter on the Draymond Green Michigan State team in 2012 and then worked for a company for a while and then was an assistant coach at Michigan State under Tom Izzo. However, he made a strong comeback in Australia this year and was named MVP of the WARATAH league and the league finals for the Newcastle team. "We are excited to finally get a deal done with David Wolf. He runs a fine agency with high quality players but more importantly good people. Thornton will do a great in Hungary. David Gonzalez and I love working with David Wolf and look forward to our relationship only getting stronger" said Michael Stinnett (Free Agency Director of Scouting). Free Agency Basketball will have several more signing announcements next week. Also our Cincinnati Pro Exposure Workout will be Saturday, September 29 (Register at

Part of Article:

The 198-centimeter-long, 30-year-old player was one of the best basketball players at Michigan State Spartans, under the hands of world-renowned Tom Izzo. In his final year as a captain of his team, he played basketball players like Draymond Green (Golden State), Adreian Payne (Panathinaikos), Brandon Wood (Albacomp). After gaining a diploma, he moved away from basketball for three years and worked for a company, then coach Izzo returned to his former team and returned to the coaching staff, including Thomas Kelley, ex-Szolnok. This year he entered the professional camp and became a member of the Newcastle Hunters (Australian Waratah League), All Star, MVP and the finest player of the finals.

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