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KPA Vegas Summer League Coach Sam Casey Signs Deal to Coach De La Salle Club-Jerusalem

SBS Services and Free Agency is excited to announce that Coach Sam Casey has signed deal to coach De La Salle Club in Jerusalem. Casey came to the KPA Vegas Summer League and helped Coach Daniel Pharris with the KPA Vegas team in this years event. He also helped with registration and any other job he could while at the event. De La Salle Club management and Michael Stinnett had developed a good relationship last season when Free Agency Basketball client Ken-Jah Bosley played for the club and they asked Coach Stinnett to find a coach for the job opening. Last season Coach Casey was the Head Coach at San Antonio College and upgraded the program in a variety of ways. He also has conducted clinics all over the World and been involved with several minor league sports teams."I was really impressed with Coach Casey in Las Vegas. He came in with no ego and helped in anyway he could to help the event run smooth (registration etc.). He also had great energy in practice and games helping Coach Daniel Pharris coach KPA Vegas. So, when the job came open I contacted him immediately. He will do an amazing job with De La Salle club"said Michael Stinnett. SBS and Free Agency have placed this season their first female player (J'nae Squires-Horton/Latvia) and now a coach into the pro ranks. SBS and Free Agency has placed 27 male players into pro jobs thus far in 2018-19 and will have another announcements this week. Complete information is at on signings and upcoming pro workouts.

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