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Drakeford Signs in Luxembourg

Free Agency Client Faronte Drakeford has signed with BBC US Heffingen in Luxembourg. Drakeford was a standout at NCAA Division 1 Central Connecticut State in college. He has since played in Spain for two seasons, and most recently in Uruguay. Drakeford was named MVP last season in his division in Spain. He also was named to the Uruguay Metro League all import team (5th overall in scoring). "Faronte is a big time player. He is a versatile forward who can do it all. He is a perfect fit for the Luxembourg league based on his size and versatility. He will do real well for Heffingen. David Gonzalez and I are really happy for him." said Michael Stinnnett (Free Agency Director of Scouting). Drakeford makes the 30th player that Free Agency/SBS has sent to play pro basketball for the 2018-19 season. The official team announcement is at the following link:

Drakeford Highlight link from Spain:

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