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Free Agency Client Fitzgerald White Signs for his 5th Pro Season in Spain

6-7 Fitzgerald White (Union College 2015) has signed with CDB Enrique Benitez (@cdb_ebenitez ) in Spain. This will be the 5th pro season for Fitzgerald White who has been a client of Free Agency Basketball (FIBA Agent David Gonzalez) ever since he came out of Union College in 2015. White has played every season in Spain and most recently in LEB Silver with Hestia Menorca. Also he attended the SBS Pro Invitational coming out of college in 2015 and signed agency contract with Free Agency and has been a pro ever since. "David Gonzalez and I are very happy for Fitzgerald. He is a first class person and a very good player who will have a great season CDB Enrique Benitez. Fitz just needs to find a rhythm this season in this system and people will see the player he truly is. I look for great things from him. We have always had a great relationship with CDB Enrique Benitez" said Michael Stinnett (Free Agency Basketball Director of Scouting). White makes the 20th Free Agency Basketball client to sign for the 2019-20 season with several other announcements soon. See Fitzgerald White Highlight Below!

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