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What Pro Camps Should I Attend in Vegas? My Opinion

Last year, I went to Vegas and coached in two pro camps (WSM Invitational and The Eurobasket Summer League Vegas 2). I really enjoyed both events, as well as attending several other camps and the NBA Summer League. I got a good feel for the pro camp circuit in Vegas, and below is my opinion for this summer for any player planning on attending a camp in Vegas.

If you are not on a NBA Summer League roster, I recommend the camps below.

1. Worldwide Sports Invitational July 13-16 This is a big time camp. This year players apply with a $100 (non-refundable) fee. Players then will be selected from a live draft that will be held June 30. If selected your housing and 1 meal a day is paid for (all you had to pay was the $100 and of course your flights). Excellent overseas pro coaches will be working the event and all games are played at the UNLV Rec. Center (right next door to the NBA Summer League.) All games will be live streamed and official stats will be done for each game. This camp is run by agent Justin Haynes, who is highly organized and only allows top level talent in his camps. I coached in this camp last year and it is highly organized and full of scouts.

Other Camps:

MSA International Summer Invitational July 14-16 - This camp is conducted by FIBA agent Maxine Rigberg. I like the schedule for the event. July 14 will be only team practices, and games will be played July 15 and 16. The camp features quality pro coaches, and a great location at the UNLV Rec Center (right by the NBA Summer League). The cost is $200 just for the camp which is VERY reasonable, and you can include your hotel room for $350. *I will be coaching at this camp.

2014 Las Vegas Combine July 11-13 I will be coaching at this camp at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy. This camp includes combine measurements, team practices, and team play. The camp will have an All Star game on the last day for selected players. Last year several players got quality jobs from this event.

2014 Eurobasket Summer League Vegas 1 July 16-18 Vegas 2 July 18-20 Chris Warren and his staff run two nice camps during the week. I coached at Vegas 2 last year and had a great time. The cost is $395 and does not include hotel room. The advantage to this camp is the coverage gives the teams and players.

Other Camps listed at this link:

Look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas this summer!!! I love summer basketball and there will be all kinds of opportunities to network this summer once again in Vegas.

Coach Stinnett

Twitter @CoachStinnett

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