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As many of you noticed I have posted several job openings on this site!pro-job-openings/cwrb . My reasoning for doing this is because I have a passion to help guys pro basketball. I work with players and agents in placing players. I am a coach who loves the game, and finding talent that goes under the radar for the most part and helping them get employed.

However players must be realistic! If you have gaps in your resume or your most recent video is from a glorified pick up game, I am not the guy to help you. I am looking for players who have a good resume and video but are just not getting the attention they need or the correct break. Also I am looking for agents who work their tails off for their clients and not just guys who send me guys they have signed. Anytime I work with an agent, I send the contract to the agent as soon as it comes. That is how I work. I never contact the player and tell him I am working for him. I work with the agent the way it is supposed to be done. Also if I get a player a job, I have a certified FIBA agent that will take over from there.

Also players who send me their resume and video once, never have to do so again. I have your info and will send to the team. If

they have interest I will let you know whats going on. I am not your agent. I am trying to HELP you or your agent in getting you a job. That is all!!!!

Players also need to be realistic. Big time players are going for 3K to 5K jobs. When I say big time I am talking about guys with nice experience in Europe or players that come from high level colleges with solid stats. So dont email me and tell me you want the 5K gig with a gap resume or below par small college stats. Also good players are wanting 1K jobs/you would be amazed.

I am looking for hungry players that are HUMBLE and want to get foot in door or high level players looking to better their income. Also agents that have the same passion as I do to help players get to the next level. Also I am looking for honest people to work with (players that dont lie about their situation) (agents that dont lie about having a player signed etc.).

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