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Kris Clark Signs in Luxenbourg

Free Agency Client Kris Clark has signed in Luxenbourg, and will team up with another Free Agency Client Trent Weaver for Avanti. Clark played at Division 1 Utah State, and has pro experience in the DLeague, United Kingdom, and Bolivia. Clark attended the Free Agency/SBS KPA Vegas Summer League this summer in Las Vegas, and Free Agency Scout Michael Stinnett kept him in mind for potential jobs. "Kris is a veteran guard who knows how to play, and this will be a great team to jump start his career again. He has big time pro body, and is a versatile guard who can play the 1,2,or 3. He and Trent will make a nice combo" said Michael Stinnett. Clark becomes the 31st player that Free Agency/SBS have secured jobs for.

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