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Free Agency Client Trent Weaver Signs with AB Contern in Top League Luxembourg

Free Agency Client Trent Weaver (6-8 PF) has signed again with AB Contern in top league Luxembourg. Weaver signed briefly with the London Lions in BBL England to begin the year but has now re-signed with Contern. Weaver is in his 4th pro season after a standout college career at Ohio Dominican. Last season at AB Contern he averaged 27.0 points and 10.4 rebounds a game and helped Contern promote to top league. "Trent is a true pro. General Manager Francis Rollinger and Coach Love wanted him back with the team and this is a great fit once again for Trent. David Gonzalez and I are really happy he is back in Contern and happy. We look for big things out of him and the team the remainder of the season" said Michael Stinnett (Free Agency Basketball Director of Scouting). Weaver makes the 32nd pro contract that Free Agency Basketball/SBS Services has secured this season. *Weaver highlight below!

AB Contern post about signing:

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