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David Guardia Re-Signs with Hottur

Free Agency Client David Guardia has re-signed with Hottur in Iceland. However this time it will be in the Dominos League (Top League Iceland). Hottur promoted for next season by posting a 20-2 record this past season. Guardia played a big part in the promotion. He averaged 12.3ppg, 4.5rpg, and 1.4apg. The 6-7 veteran forward has played the last two years for Hottur and before that played several years professionally in Spain. "David Gonzalez and I are really happy for David. I got to watch him play several games this year and he is a very good player who really understands the game. He really came up big in some very important games this season. He loves Iceland and Hottur so this is great for him. Plus, he will now play in the top league which is great" Michael Stinnett Free Agency Director of Scouting.

*Guardia is now the 2nd official signing for Free Agency Clients for 2020-21 season, however 2 more players have officially signed as well and we are awaiting team announcments.

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