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Navarro Signs in Top League Iceland with Hottur

Free Agency client Juanlu Navarro (@juanlunacor) signs in Top league of Iceland. Navarro had an outstanding season in Spain and will play in Hottur next season. Congrats Juanlu!

He averaged 10.8ppg and 10.1rpg last year for CB Power Electronics Paterna in Spain EBA last season.

Navarro will join another Free Agency client David Guardia for Hottur in the Dominos League in Iceland. "We are excited for Juanlu and feel this is a great opportunity for him. He has had several solid seasons in Spain EBA and will now get to play in a top league in Europe. He will be well coached by Coach Vidar Hafsteinsson and the team will compete at a high level" said Michael Stinnett (Free Agency Director of Scouting).

Several more Free Agency announcements are coming soon!

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